Do you need maps in your web or mobile applications?
We take care of the infrastructure so you can concentrate on your business.

Map Styles

Change colors of the maps, adjust displayed features or make your own
map design with our online editor. Maps in 55 languages.

Dark Matter

Use it with your favourite software


Vector tiles

Mapbox SDK, native MVT clients


Raster tiles

Leaflet, OpenLayers, XYZ


Map services



Static maps

Thumbnails and print output

The map hosting service is compatible with most popular mapping components used today - with the native vector tile viewers and SDKs (OpenLayers, Mapbox, ArcGIS JavaScript) as well as with legacy raster tile based mapping libraries (Leaflet).

TileHosting services
TileHosting services

It is easy to embed our maps, load vector or raster tiles or via web services, print or open in GIS (such as QGIS or ArcGIS). Your can easy use the maps in Android and iOS mobile apps, in games using Unity or embedded systems powered by QT and more.

Geographical data for the whole world

In the core of our map hosting are vector tiles and carefully processed geographical data. We turn them into reliable and beautiful map layers which can be used in your own maps and products.

The system is powered by OpenMapTiles, it is developed with love by the maintainers and contributors of this project. Our maps are made from open-data and with open-source software.

OpenStreetMap vector tiles OpenStreetMap vector tiles
Hillshading OpenStreetMap vector tiles
Contours OpenStreetMap vector tiles
Satellite OpenStreetMap vector tiles


Non-profit Vector Raster Raster Pro Business
Vector tiles (OpenMapTiles) 11111
Regular updates of OSM 11111
Custom vector map style 11111
Commercial use 1111
Premium styles 1111
Premium datasets 1111
Default styles as raster tiles (XYZ) 111
Custom styles as raster tiles (XYZ) 11
Map service (WMTS) 11
High-resolution print output 11
SLA (99.9% availability) 11
More than 200.000 visitors 1
Price per month (yearly) Free 40 USD 99 USD 199 USD Contact us

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Global infrastructure

We operate and maintain a high-available server infrastructure
for very fast and reliable hosting of your maps.

The map tiles are cached and served from our CDN with over 110 edge servers (POPs) on 5 continents. Minimal latency is ensured as always the geographically closest server to the visitor is selected via the IP anycast based on the actual status of the Internet.

There are two fully redundant and automatically replicated core data centers in Western Europe and North America serving the map data. Each datacenter can run the map tile service independently, but usually they are operated simultaneously and the traffic is split between them with geographic preference.

In both datacenters we deploy a high-availability setup, with load-balancer actively triggering health checks and setting up failover to additional machines. The infrastructure is scalable - additional machines are launched to handle increased traffic and peaks.